Devenir une famille d'accueil - SPA Estrie - La Société protectrice des animaux de l’Estrie - Organisme de charité soucieux du bien-être des animaux

A great way TO HELP the animals!

Being a foster family for the Eastern Townships SPA means welcoming an animal into your home, on a temporary basis. These animals need a little time before being placed up for adoption.

For all these animals, the comfort of a home is the ideal environment to get through this waiting period.

WHY become a foster family?

  • To allow an animal to stay in a calm, family environment while undergoing treatment.
  • To provide a calm and better adapted environment for an animal needing to be socialized.
  • To free up space at the shelter when we are crowded.
  • To take an active part in the mission of your SPA.

What are the CRITERIA to become a foster family?

  • Have time to dedicate to your foster animal as if he or she were your own pet!
  • If you already have pets at home, they must all be spayed or neutered and have their vaccinations up to date.
  • Be available to come to the shelter for a follow-up appointment.
  • Have at your disposal a room that can be used for isolation in some cases.
  • Be patient and compassionate with your foster animal.

Please note that :

  • Other criteria may apply depending on the animal(s) looking for a foster family. Our staff will inform you of all the details.
  • Your SPA will provide you with everything you need to ensure the animal’s well-being ( litter, food, medication, etc.).
Become a Foster Family