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In accordance with municipal by-laws, every citizen is responsible for registering his dogs and cats with the towns serviced by the Eastern Townships SPA.

Register my pet online

REGISTERING your animal and receiving his IDENTIFICATION TAG

Registration is valid from January 1st to December 31st of each year. You must renew this registration every year upon receiving a notice by mail from your SPA. A new ID Tag will not be included with this notice; you will use the same one year after year. However, if your animal has lost his tag or if the number written on it has been erased, contact the Eastern Townships SPA at 819 821-4727, option 4. A new tag will be mailed to you.

How to register my animal?

  1. By Phone : Contact the Eastern Townships SPA licensing department at 819 821-4727, option 4.
  2. In Person: Visit the Eastern Townships SPA Shelter during opening hours in order to register your pet
  3. Online : Click here to fill out the registration form. If you have more than one pet, you must complete a registration form for each one.

When will I receive the ID Tag?

Once your registration is processed, you will receive by mail the identification tag for your pet as well as the invoice which is proof of registration.

Beyond being mandatory, registering your pet and having him wear his tag ensures his safety. So, if he runs away, gets lost or gets injured, his ID Tag clearly indicates that he has a family.


As of March 3, 2020, the Quebec government requires all citizens who have a dog to register their animal under the Act to promote the protection of persons by establishing a framework with regard to dogs.Although your dog is already registered with your local SPAE, the regulation requires us to update your dog’s file every year. Click on the button below to update your dog’s file according to the provincial regulation.

Update my dog ​​file online

Discounts for sterilized animals

The Eastern Townships SPA grants a discount of $ 10 on the annual licence cost of any sterilized animal. If your pet is sterilized, you will get this discount by providing a proof of sterilization. Here is a list of valid proofs you can provide :

  • Proof of sterilization provided by a veterinarian;
  • If your animal is a male, you can bring him to our shelter so that one of our employees can confirm the sterilization.

You can send the proof by fax at 819 823-1573, by email or as an attachment when you complete the online registration form.

Update my Pet’s File

If your home address has changed, if you are no longer the caretaker of your animal or if it has unfortunately passed, it is important to inform your SPA. Please contact our licensing department at 819 821-4727 option 4 , in order to update your file.

If you have given your animal to someone else, or if it has unfortunately passed away, it is important to inform us. You can contact us by phone or fill out the “Declaration of Registration Cancellation” form by following the link below.

Declaration of Registration Cancellation

2 simple steps that ensure the safety of the animal you love

Registering your animal and wearing the ID tag

Did you know that 99% of lost pets…

  • Wearing their ID Tag
  • And being reported to the Eastern Townhips SPA by the citizens who found them

…can easily find their way back home thanks to their ID Tag?