It is important that yours as well as your pet’s information is up to date in your file. This will allow us to contact you quickly if a citizen brings us your lost pet. In addition, you will receive your license renewal at the proper address and avoid late fees.

Update my FILE

If you wish to make changes to your file other than a change of address, cancellation of a registration or registration of a new animal, you must call us at 819 821-4727 option 4. In addition, you can make changes to your file by phone at the number mentioned above during our opening hours.

Have you moved? It is important to inform us and provide us with your new address.

*If your pet has a microchip, don’t forget to update your information on it as well.

Changer l’adresse à mon dossier

You have given your pet away or it has unfortunately passed away? We invite you to fill in the form below to inform us.

Déclaration d’annulation d’enregistrement
Do you have a new animal and want to add it to your file? Fill in the registration form below.

*If you have more than one pet to register, you must complete a registration form for each one.

Enregistrer un nouvel animal

Have you lost your pet’s tag or the identification number is no longer visible? Fill in the replacement tag request form and we will send you your new tag free of charge by mail.

Demander un nouveau médaillon

Have you moved or changed your phone number? Don’t forget to change your contact information on Eidap if your pet is microchipped. This way, if your pet runs away or gets lost, it will be easier and faster to contact you.

Modifier les informations de la micropuce

2 simple steps to keep your beloved pet safe

Registration and wearing the provided ID Tag.

Did you know that 99% of stray animals…

  • Wearing their ID Tag
  • And being reported to the SPA de l’Estrie by citizens who have found them

…get home easily with the help of the ID Tag?