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Lapin / Adulte / Mâle
Petits animaux
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Lapin / Adulte / Mâle

Because we all need a best friend…

Make an animal’s dream
come true!

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A small ID tag that makes a huge difference

Your pet’s registration is MANDATORY!

Registering your animal and wearing the ID tag, two simple steps to keep the pet you love safe.

Lost and Found?

Every second counts.
We are here to help!

Thinking of leaving

us your pet?

A last resort decision

the PROTECTION and WELL-BEING of animals is our mission!

The Eastern Townhips SPA’s mandate is to protect animals and harmonize their relationships with humans. Working with a preventive approach, your SPA spares no effort to be constantly on the lookout for new trends, new practices and new research results in order to constantly improve the well-being and safety of animals in our community.

How can I get involved in helping animals in my community?


Care for an animal that needs some time before it is ready for adoption.


Make a difference by offering your time and support to your local SPA.

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