Do you own a farm, barn, stable, warehouse, workshop…

Consider adopting a BARN CAT!

Barn cats thrive in free-roaming, independent environments, rather than in a typical home. Contribute to their welfare by welcoming them into your facility!

Thank you to 1st Choice, our proud partner for over 20 years, for supporting the Barn Cat initiative.

Barn Cat Adoption Program

Thousands of cats are admitted to the SPA de l’Estrie each year, but unfortunately, many cannot be placed for adoption in families. We are referring to feral and fearful cats that will never be able to adapt to life in a home or be cuddled by humans.

In order to save these animals and provide them with an adequate environment, the SPA de l’Estrie is proud to implement a new Barn Cat Program. This program consists of collaborating with farms, warehouses, greenhouses or any other establishment that could welcome these felines in excellent health, but with a feral behavior. They will be sterilized, vaccinated, treated for worms and microchipped at the expense of the SPA de l’Estrie.

In return, the establishments commit to offering them warmth, comfort, security and food. Working cats can also be very useful in keeping rodents away, for example.

Thanks to this new program, we will be able to save the lives of many cats who simply need freedom and independence, while ensuring their well-being.

Adopting a barn cat is free of charge for the adopters. However, we encourage voluntary donations to cover all or part of the costs of sterilization and other health care provided by the SPA de l’Estrie. These costs are estimated at $200 on average.

  • Not live near a busy road;
  • Not have a history of predation by coyotes or other predators;
  • Upon arrival, commit to confining the cat to a room in a building for 3 to 4 weeks while it acclimates to its new environment. During this period, you will need to feed the cat, provide it with water and clean its litter box every day;
  • Provide fresh water and food every day;
  • Provide access at all times to a building or permanent structure where it will be safe (barn, stable, warehouse, garage…);
  • Provide health and medical care such as vaccination boosters, deworming or veterinary care in case of illness or injury.

To adopt a barn cat, you must first complete an adoption application. Once we receive your application, we will analyze it and when we have a cat that qualifies for this program and meets your expectations, we will contact you by email or phone.

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