Whether you live in the city or in the country, registering your pet, paying for your licence and having your companion wear the ID Tag at all times, is first and foremost an obligation under the regulations of the municipalities served by our organization.

But beyond this mandatory nature, renewing your licence and having your pet wear its ID Tag is a way to ensure its safety. Should he run away, get lost or get injured, his SPA Tag clearly and visibly indicates that he has a family.


New – Access our online payment service.
This new simple and secure platform allows you to pay your bill in the comfort of your home.

Do Not Send Money by Mail. Payment by cheque, postal money order or bank money order: address the document to Société protectrice des animaux de l’Estrie. Please indicate the mailing date on your cheque. Write the ID tag number on the front of the cheque, in the lower left.

Société protectrice des animaux de l’Estrie
145, rue Sauvé
QC J1L 1L6

Contact the Licensing Department at 819 821-4727, option 4.

Payment by credit card only (Visa and MasterCard).

You can pay in person directly at the Eastern Townships SPA. Make sure to know our opening hours before visiting us.

Cash, cheque, debit card and credit card (Visa or MasterCard) are accepted.

Full Payment Only. If changes must be made to your file, please contact our Licensing Department at 819-821-4727, option 4 before making your payment.

Here is how to proceed:

  1. Log on your AccèsD online banking;
  2. Select “Bill payments”;
  3. Select “Add A Bill ”;
  4. Enter Société protectrice des animaux de l’Estrie in the space “Name of organization”;
  5. Select Charities and non-profit organizations in the space “Category”
  6. Select OK to validate;
  7. To pay for your licence amount due, enter the caretaker number from the 2nd column in the “Registered Animals” section of your invoice, followed by any LICENCE TAG number from the 3rd column of the same section. Include the letter if applicable. You must enter the numbers without dashes or spaces.
  8. Select Ok to validate;
  9. Make one full payment that corresponds to the total of your outstanding bill.

Full Payment Only. Dial 1 800 CAISSES and follow the instructions.

To make the payment of your animal’s licence, the reference number (12 digits) corresponds to your owner’s number (7 digits), followed by the ID tag number (5 digits). You may only do one transaction per animal.

FAQ on Licence Payment

The cost of the licence varies depending on the species and the spay/neuter status of the animal, as a $10 discount is applied for spayed or neutered animals.

Unsterilized cat: $45

Spayed or neutered cat: $35

Unsterilized dog: $55

Spayed or neutered dog: $45

Every year, in January, you will receive your pet’s licence renewal in the mail. The licence is valid from January 1st to December 31st.

NO. Your pet will keep the same ID Tag with the same code. However, if you lose the Tag, please inform us we will send you a replacement free of charge.

NO. The due date indicated on your invoice is your payment deadline. Registration is valid from January 1 to December 31 of the same year. The regulation also stipulates that all persons must obtain a licence for their animal within 15 days of acquiring it, regardless of the month of the year.

These are not interest charges, but administrative and delay charges related to the costs defrayed in order to issue a new invoice and to proceed with all steps of the process of recovering unpaid licences.

Assigning an administration fee is mandated by municipal by-law. This is in keeping with City Council’s desire to encourage citizens to pay for the registration of their animals in a timely manner. This measure was introduced due to too many late payments in the past.

The rules are designed as follows: registration is valid from January 1st to December 31st. However, we are flexible in accepting that the registration of an animal acquired after November 1st will not be charged again in January of the following year. We must nevertheless set and respect a deadline.