In the heart of the action: THE EMPLOYEES!

The Eastern Townships SPA is made up of some 40 employees who ensure the safety and well-being of animals and the circulation of relevant information through judicious advice offered to the citizens of our community. Whether they are animal handlers, customer service agents, managers, inspectors or animal health technicians, they devote their professional lives to the cause of animal welfare.

Board of Directors

Évelina Smith
Évelina SmithPrésidente
Michel Richer
Michel RicherVice-Président
Maryse Boivin
Maryse BoivinTrésorière et secrétaire
Jean Cameron
Jean CameronAdministrateur
Chantal Viger
Chantal VigerAdministratrice
Hélène Mayrand
Hélène MayrandAdministratrice
Louis Bourassa
Louis BourassaAdministrateur
Sabine Conte
Sabine ConteAdministratrice
Johannie Demers
Johannie DemersAdministratrice