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Too many cases of negligence, abuse or cruelty towards animals still exist today. Have you witnessed any of these situations? Please don’t hesitate to contact the Eastern Townships SPA.

Have you witnessed any of these situations? Please don’t hesitate to contact the Eastern Townships SPA at819 821-4727, option 5. Too many cases of negligence, abuse or cruelty towards animals still exist today. Your call will be kept strictly confidential and will allow SPA inspectors to help animals in need.

What is neglect or cruelty towards an animal?
Negligence or cruelty towards animals can take many forms and is regulated by municipal bylaws, by the Animal Health Protection Act (RSQ, c P-42) at the provincial level, and by the Criminal Code of Canada.

A person commits an offense by:

  • Neglecting or not providing food, water, or shelter, as well as necessary care appropriate to the species and age of the animal;
  • Not keeping the space where the pet is kept in good sanitary condition;
  • Leaving a pet alone in a car on a hot day;
  • Abandoning an animal in distress in order to get rid of it;
  • Not treating or euthanizing a pet if it is injured or suffers from a medical condition;
  • Organizing, participating, encouraging or attending animal fights in any way;
  • Being cruel, abusing, molesting, harassing or provoking an animal

Depending on the severity of the infractions, any person who violates these conditions can face charges under the Animal Health Protection Act (RSQ, c P-42) and the Criminal Code of Canada. (L.R.Q., c.P-42).

If the situation requires immediate intervention, call 911.

Do you have any nuisance problems with nearby animals or small urban wildlife? Contact us 819 821-4727, option 5.

To live in society, we generally accept certain minor annoyances such as traffic noise or our neighbour’s lawnmower. The same goes for cats that wander freely around the neighbourhood.

Is a neighborhood cat bothering you?
However, when one of these felines damages our personal property or disrupts our comfort, how should we react? We invite you to read the brochure Un chat vous importune?. Different solutions are offered in order to live in harmony with your four-legged neighbours.

Is a small wildlife animal bothering you?
Do you receive visits from small urban wildlife who love rummaging through your household garbage or your vegetable garden, or who enjoys landscaping your flowerbed? The brochure Un petit mammifère vous importune? offers advices on how to avoid attracting small wildlife animals to your home or to oust them if they’ve already taken the habit of visiting.

If you witness a municipal by-law violation, do not hesitate to contact the Eastern Townships SPA at 819 821-4727, option 5.

In order for pet caretakers, their pets and the population in general to coexist harmoniously, we must join our efforts to ensure the fair sharing of common territory. Thus, it is important to respect municipal bylaws. The following are some of the main municipal bylaws that have been adopted in the various municipalities in the Eastern Townships:

Dogs at Large
All dogs are prohibited from being at large. While off the property of the pet caretaker, dogs must be securely restrained by a leash held by a person capable of properly controlling the dog.

It is the responsibility of the pet caretaker to immediately remove and dispose of feces in a suitable, sanitary manner.

Stray Animals
A stray animal is considered a nuisance. Any stray animal that is found must immediately be reported and brought to the Eastern Townships SPA.

Noise and Damage
Keeping an animal that causes moral damage, physical harm, property damage or any other form of damage to neighborhood residents is considered a nuisance. The following is a partial list of different forms of damage:

  • Morally, physically or materially disturbing residents and their guests in such a way that it interferes with their tranquility, rest and quality of life;
  • Barking, howling, whistling, meowing or repeated yelling that can disrupt the residents’ comfort, quality of life and/or peace of mind;
  • Damaging the residents’ property, whether it be the building itself, furniture or accessories, the lawn, a garden, flowers or flower beds, shrubs or other plants.

Traps and Poison Bait
Use of, or allowing the use of poison bait or traps, except for live traps, to capture animals is strictly prohibited within municipal boundaries.

If you are a citizen of a town or municipality served by the Eastern Townships SPA and you are in the presence of a dangerous or injured pet, contact us at 819 821-4727 option 3.

Outside of our business hours we invite you to contact your police department who will contact us as soon as we receive your call.

If you are in the presence of a wildlife animal that is injured or behaving unusually, contact the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs at 1 844 523-6738.

File a COMPLAINT Online

During our opening hours always give priority to telephone complaints to talk with a member of our team in person. 819 821-4727 option 5.

Too many cases of neglect, abuse and cruelty to animals still exist today. Did you witness any of these situations? Do not hesitate to contact the SPA de l’Estrie. Your report will be kept strictly confidential and will allow our inspectors to assist animals in need.

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