A second chance for an animal with SPECIAL NEEDS!

The animals featured on this page have a condition that will necessitate careful attention from their adoptive families.

For families looking for a more meaningful adoption, it is possible to offer a second chance to one of these deservings animals. In order to facilitate a successful adoption, this special program includes a personal follow-up by our team and experts.

The number of special needs animals in the shelter is constantly increasing and they require close attention from their future adopters.

Three main categories of animals


Some animals, particularly dogs, sheltered by the SPAE have undergone major traumas, one of which is abandonment. Others have lacked socialisation (so-called “COVID” animals) and adequate education, and have thus developed behaviours that are considered troublesome. The SPAE wishes that with the help of loving and supportive families these animals will be given a second chance. With patience, love, education and sometimes medication, they will become wonderful lifelong companions!


Some animals arrive at the shelter with fragile health conditions. These animals may require long-term medication or regular visits to a veterinarian. This will result in some additional expenses for their potential adopters. The SPAE is looking for adopters who wish to truly be the difference in the life of an animal that needs a careful follow-up of its health condition.

End of life

The SPAE regularly shelters animals suffering from an untreatable condition or simply because of their old age. These animals deserve to live out their last days in a loving household with a family that is attentive to their needs!

Our special needs animals
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